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20 May 2009 @ 08:17 pm

1. How old are you?

2. Who is your favorite comic book character and why? (This can be a hero, villain, sidekick, civilian, etc.)

3. How big is your penis?

4. If you ship, what are your favorite pairing(s)?

5. What is your favorite comic book/volume/graphic novel?

6. Favorite comic book movie?

7. Are you ruff, tuff, luff, or puff?

52. If you followed Marvel's Civil War story arc, who did you side with: Cap or Tony?

616. Who would win in a fight: Batman or Captain America?

666. Which DC or Marvel comic book character are you most like? (If you don't think you're like any of them, then who would you want to be like?)

Now, copy and past the following text into a comment and reply with your answers.

07 May 2009 @ 01:00 am

Hello and welcome to Earth_Omega! If you are reading this, then you have been chosen to participate in an interactive comic book-based community. We've seen how you interact as members of other communities, we've seen your fan creations, and we've seen the comments you've posted. You have impressed us and we formally invite you to join our ranks!

What is Earth_Omega?

Essentially, we are a comics-centric community for crack, discussions, games, fan creations (art/fic/graphics/mixes), and current canon spoilers. While we are a diverse and unique group, our members all share one thing in common: love for DC and Marvel comics.

Membership is usually awarded through formal invitation. However, if you are not handpicked by us or recommended by our current members and still want to join, you can fill out an application and await approval that way. We are a diverse, friendly group and would love to add you to our ranks.

We are moderated by monitor_bob and anti_monitor whose jobs are to keep peace and balance to the community in all aspects.

What are "Omega Wars"?

If you have filled out an application for membership, then you may have noticed question number seven in which you were asked: ruff, tuff, luff, or puff? If you have been hand-selected for membership, then this is an entirely new concept and you have been sorted into a "Sector" based upon our judgments.

More information can be found here.

What are the rules?

01. All posts should be related to comics except on Multi-Fandom Mondays (where you can post anything related to any fandom), Warring Wednesdays (in which Omega Wars take place), Free For All Fridays (where you can post anything you want in general), and the weekly Fan Creations post.

02. All NC-17 material should be marked with "NSFW" in the subject and placed under an LJ-Cut.

03. Please limit all fan-fiction, fan-art, and graphics to the weekly Fan Creations post so as not to clog up anyone's inbox.

04. No Promotions or solicitation - Please don't make posts to promote other communities without first seeking permission from a mod.

Anything else I should know?

-- We are a positive and friendly community that does not discriminate against het, slash, femme!slash, and general friendship.

-- We are a comic book community primarily dealing with the creations of DC and Marvel; however, we also appreciate animated and live action related creations as well. (i.e. Iron Man Armored Adventures and Batman Begins)

-- Respect other members - While we all have a sense of humor, ship-wars, discrimination, hateful posts, and bullying will not be tolerated.

-- Please remember that this a community and not your personal journal.

And lastly, don't be shy - Once you have been approved for membership, feel free to jump right in by making comments and posting.

Regarding Fanfic/Fanart/Etc.:

01. Please limit all fan work to the weekly Fan Creations post maintained by the mods.

02. Please use a header outside of the link to your work including information like: title, author, pairing(s)/character(s), spoilers, author's note, genre, warnings, etc.

03. If the piece contains pornography or NC-17 material of any kind, mark it "NSFW" in the subject line.

04. Any work that you post is assumed to be your own work. Please don't plagiarize, trace, or steal another artist's work. We definitely don't want to deal with the drama and we're sure you don't want to suffer the embarrassment.